Questions about CO²

Do you have questions about CO2 and all its possibilities? Below you can find more information.

What is CO²?

CO² or carbon dioxide is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen. In pure state it is a colorless and odorless gas that occurs naturally in the Earth's atmosphere.

How long is shelf life of CO² in their bottle?

CO² has an unlimited shelf life in the bottles when the faucet is well closed. 

Can a CO² bottle be placed in the Sun?

It is recommended that the bottle is not directly placed in the Sun.

Where to store the CO² bottle?

The best place to store CO² bottles is in a well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.

Why using a residual gas valve?

This prevents that other matter comes in the gas cylinder, this gives the advantage that the bottle is not contaminated or polluted, also not with a re-fill. Because of all these we can continue to guarantee the quality of the foodgrade. For that reason, the aquarium bottles best not be used in food.

Why are the gas cylinders for nutritional quality slightly more expensive?

Because CO2-4U only works with reusable bottles and residual gas valves. So we can ,even after more than ten years, still guarantee the same nutritional quality. For that reason, our bottles on term cheap because of that longer life.